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On this web page you can find reports / schematics / animations / photos from our projects. All of the project were made by me and my colleagues (more about us you can read on our team's page). We always try to do our best putting as much information as we can, but this information are usually conceptional. They get you to think and discuss about it. We are open for your suggestions, comments or propositions future projects. If you want to know more about ours project please follow links below.

Current projects:


Recently I was given few parts from broken Miele's dishwasher. I found using graphic LCD in one of my project to be very interesting. After small research I was almost sure that this LCD had s1d10605 driver . [more...]


PIN photodiodes are popular semiconductor devices widely used in optoelectronics to detection of electromagnetic waves in a range from 300-1200 nm. When one analyse its internal structure he may notice that its exhibits many similarities to semiconductor detectors used in high energy resolution spectrometry. It has some advantages like extremely low leakage current even at room temperature and low capacity. It also can work with low operating voltages [more...]


Diffraction is the bending, spreading and interference of waves when they pass by an obstruction or through a gap. Following by Huygens rule every point which is near the edge of obstacle become a new source of wave. Combining this with interferenction effect it is possible to see ridges with different intensity behind the obstacle of waves dispersal.
To optimize process of light intensity scanning authors have designed and created special detection system called uScan. As light detector authors used PIN photodiode which generate photoelectic current which is measured by digital voltometer. Detector is attached to old modified pen plotter. Scanned data is gathered to the memory of connected to the uScan device personal computer. In article authors presents construction details of implemented scanning system. [more...] (PL)


Laser projector is being built now in our workshop. This devise will project static images and animation by means of laser beam. Project is divided in two main sections : wave form generator and mechanic servo with electronic driver. Both parts have been already built, now we have to improve their performance. [more...] (PL)


Recently I got a helium-neon laser and I wanted to switch it on. I developed very simple step up switching power supply using old TV's transformer. More details soon. [more...] (PL)

Old projects:


Nowadays there is a wide variety of places where digital image processing takes place. This can easily help scientists in their research and normal people in their lives. Of course processing of some categories is currently unreachable for computers because of it's complexity, but there are some areas where analysis is simple and can be done easily even by a home-class computer.
The goal authors wanted to achieve was creating a system of motion detection and tracking. This publication contains details about the system starting with the basic analysis algorithm and ending with hardware realization. Project shows that basing on a motion detection made by human and with low overall cost it is possible to create a system that can be successfully implemented in a home-near garden or in industrial buildings. [more...] (PL)


Huge progress in today's technique -- which is connected with energy storage, electronics circuits and magnetic materials -- creates new possibilities in electromagnetic-acceleration. Nowadays scientists are mainly concentrated on advanced researches in military and space industries.
In this paper a prototype of electromagnetic weapon is presented. The description of prepared electronics circuits and written programs are included. The simple electromagnetic phenomenon used in the project is explained. The results of basic tests are included as well. [more...] (PL)


VIIM (Very Incomplete Image Manager) it is an simple image browser with support for IPTC and EXIF metadata. [more...]


Linear analog circuits solver written using GTKmm. [more...] (PL)


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